A normal, healthy life for amputees starts with a comfortable prosthetic leg, but it’s not an easy problem to solve. Humans have been wearing shoes for thousands of years, and yet we still get blisters! Attaching a leg to someone’s body is in its own league of difficulty. We at Xabian believe to have cracked it, with a cutting edge computer formula.


Waiting over month to have your prosthetic socket made has its own host of problems. Doctors can’t treat as many people as they would like, and the patients have to wait a long time for their mobility. Xabian reduces manufacturing time by 98%, just pick it up the day after your appointment!


Making sockets by hand requires a lot of time, and the attention from medical professionals. All of this hikes up the price! Xabian’s technology allows the process to be streamlined, bringing the price below conventional methods. This is game changing when it comes to reaching patients and creating social impact.