Our mission

Whether this is about forming relationships, at work, or public perception, Xabian is focused on the freedom of expression and equality.

Xabian believes that normality starts with getting a comfortable prosthetic, built in a day rather than weeks. It has been over 170 years since the first modern prosthetic leg. It is time that this art is brought into the 21st century. Xabian is a software that designs the best fitting prosthetics, providing socket molds that can be 3D printed at the hospital.

Xabian also has a vision for the developing world. Currently less than 5% of amputees in developing countries have access to an appropriate prosthesis, primarily because there aren’t doctors available. Xabian is able to treat people remotely, and if a prosthetic socket is lost or damaged we are able to resend the design to be printed. It is that easy!

“The only thing special about me is that I can run fast”

Marlou van Rhijn (Paralympian)